May 27, 2022

Chelsey & Pierre | KVR Engagement Session

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KVR Engagement Session

I booked Chelsey and Pierre's wedding back in the fall of 2021, and just through our emails I knew they were going to be goofy, laid back, and just plain awesome. Poor Pierre even had to endure me REPEATEDLY calling him by the wrong name, for literally no reason. I said it wrong so many times they might have to make the name change permanent - do you guys think he looks like a Brian? (I'm still so so sorry!!)

These two have such amazing chemistry! They have that special kind of connection where it's easy, and you just fit comfortably with each other. Even with their wedding plans being forcibly changed on them last minute, they pivoted and are rebooking and replanning their wedding only a few months away with a smile on their faces. Seriously incredible. I'd probably be an absolute wreck under similar circumstances; I'm TERRIBLE with change!

You'd never guess that just an hour before we started it was a nasty drizzly day, but they were game - rain or shine - and we hit the jackpot.