May 20, 2022

Mother-Daughter Portraits | Summerland

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Generational Portraits | Mother-Daughter

I've always loved generational portraits - I love seeing where each person's similarities are within their family. I also appreciate what these types of portraits mean to their families, and what they've meant to my own family along the years. My father had cancer, and one of the most important things we started doing was documenting everything. I think we did 3 different family photoshoots over his final years, and multiple everyday captures, and those pictures are so precious now.

Anyways; enough of that! These ladies were such a lovely group to spend my afternoon with. They had been out enjoying a wine tasting day and enjoying all the Okanagan has to offer, before heading up to Kelowna for the last few days of their vacation. I was half tempted to go with them, it sounded like such a fun day!