November 23, 2022

Keremeos Fall Family Session

family, lifestyle, on-location

Bertacco Family

Being able to photograph my friends families as they grow is one of the many joys of what I do. This is my best friend's family, and we have been together for waaaaay longer than I care to admit out loud. I remember when her oldest was born - how I sat in traffic for over an hour desperately waiting to get to the hospital to meet this baby boy. For her daughter, I was there when she arrived. Despite moving to the coast and navigating a longer-distance friendship, she's always been my person. Her support in building this business is one of the many reasons I've made it to where I am now, and she continues to support me in so many ways.

And I'd like to think I carry a little bit of that into every family session. Each family is special and loved by so many - they're all someone's "person". I want to capture those families in a way that when they show to them to their people they say "oh my gosh, that's so you guys!"; because that's what photography is really about for me; the good, the goofy, an authentic snapshot of you.