February 24, 2022

Heather & Summer | Munson Mountain Wedding

Wedding, Same-sex wedding

Sept 1 2018 - Sunset Mountain Wedding

With a new website comes the backlogging of blog posts from days past. It's actually a really lovely experience for me, because I get to go through weddings that have long since past and relive their experiences. Every couples makes a lasting impression, and Heather and Summer were just so full of love and joy. There were happy tears, and so much laughter. It was the perfect intimate affair to blend their two families together.

*little photographers note: I realize that the blog images have loaded in a lower quality, but the emotions of the images remains the same and so I've left them as is. Since this wedding is several years old now, the technology and my equipment has grown and upgraded exponentially and more recent weddings will showcase a higher quality image.*

Much love,