March 12, 2022

Jonathan & Anna | Liquidity Winery Wedding

Wedding, on-location, Winter Wedding

February 20. 2022

Possibly the best way to kick off 2022 was with Anna and Jonathan's intimate family wedding at Liquidity Winery. If you've never been there, not only are their wines amazing, but the venue is stunning! Anna is their Sommelier, so it was the perfect location for these two.

According to Anna, the first night they ever hung out he brought a bottle of Barefoot Moscato over ("literally the worst wine ever"). He wasn't a wine drinker at the time but after life with Anna, he now drinks all her expensive red wines. A pretty good trade off if you ask me!

The reception was light and casual - lots of wine, good foods, and laughter. Some video messages from family and friends who couldn't attend added a really special touch to the night. That was followed by dinner, some heartfelt speeches, and what I can only assume was raucous fun late into the night!

Thank you both for allowing me to capture this special day!