September 9, 2023

Penticton Sunset Wedding | Lisa & Tazz

August 29th, 2023

Every wedding has its challenges, but Lisa & Tazz faced all of them! From wildfires and travel bans, to rockslides closing the highway, and a very special speedboat rescue - nothing could stand in the way of this special day.

About 20 minutes before I was set to arrive at our venue, I got a text message from Lisa explaining that the wedding was going to be delayed. A rockslide had closed Highway 97 between Peachland and Summerland, and ultimately trapped a good portion of guests (including Lisa's father) on the wrong side of the closure. There was no way this wedding was happening without her dad, so the ceremony was postponed while a rescue was hatched. They were pulling out all the stops - including calling around for a private helicopter - but in the end it was a close friend with a speedboat who was able to save the day.

Despite the challenges and changes to their plans, Lisa & Tazz kept a smile on their faces and enjoyed their time with the guests who had already arrived. It was long before Lisa's dad and rescue party made a safe arrival and the wedding could get started in earnest.

These two have that easy love, the kind where they celebrate each other every day. Little bits of their relationship were inserted into every part of the wedding. Lisa's brother officiated over the ceremony, and the two read their vows from inside the pages of comic books. My favourite personal touch was a special surprise for Tazz. When he had proposed to Lisa it was very much unplanned, so in that moment he subbed the plastic ring from around a waterbottle to use as an engagement ring. Lisa had managed to secretly swap his wedding ring for a waterbottle plastic ring to pull out during the ceremony. The perfect accent to their beautiful relationship.

Congratulations to you both - I know the day was full of curveballs, but it was ultimately so beautiful and the perfect celebration for a love that cannot be stopped (only postponed).

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