August 3, 2022

Andrew & Amanda | Penticton DIY Backyard Wedding

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July 9 2022

The first time I met Amanda and Andrew in person was for their engagement session. We had planned a cute little pin-up styled shoot with their remodelled vintage trailer and Amanda was wearing this amazing polka dot dress with her hair immaculately style in a victory roll. Andrew was rocking the long hair and just seemed so comfortable. I quickly fell in love with their sense of fun and self-assuredness.

Almost everything at the wedding was hand made by Amanda - including the dresses! As a Home-Ec teacher, she definitely showed me that I should've taken that elective, because he crafting skills are out of this world. Every detail was perfect, down to the sprinkles on the cupcakes.

The group was here for a good time, let me tell you! The ceremony included a "beer boy", who followed the flower girl, handing out beverages at random to the guests.

Now, I don't know about the rest of you, but breakfast is my favourite meal. Amanda and Andrew had an amazing brunch reception following the ceremony. With this whole brunch instead of dinner reception now on my radar I will absolutely be recommending this to EVERYONE.

The reception got even better though! Andrew's skills as a drama teacher definitely lent their hand when instead of traditional speeches there were several roasts. The wedding party was all introduced with a few little quips, and Andrew was called up by his posse of groomsmen for an absolute levelling. I can honestly say I don't think I've seen so many guests laughing that hard for that long.

It was such a treat to celebrate with a group of people that held no bars, and just loved each other completely. Andrew & Amanda are in good hands with these guys, and are the perfect cliche match-made-in-the-classroom.