July 7, 2023

Belgo Wedding Chapel | Jenessa & Roman

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June 24, 2023

Occasionally with my smaller coverage weddings the first time I meet the bride and groom face to face is at the ceremony. It's a super unique way to connect with people in that moment right before they make an exciting life change. Before Jenessa arrived I had time to chat with her dad. Now I've met some excited dad's before, but this man was practically buzzing. Jenessa and him had arranged to do a daddy-daughter first look right before the ceremony started, and while waited for her to arrive he gave me his take on them as a couple. I'll paraphrase, but it boiled down to them being the perfect compliment of each other; one a grounding force, and the other a driving force. Balanced, and equals - which I thought was a gorgeous description of a strong relationship.

The ceremony was tailored specially for Roman and Jenessa, who chose to exchange their own vows in front of family and friends and then quietly acknowledge the legal side while signing the registry. It really added a personal touch to the ceremony.

My time with these two was short, but meaningful. I'm incredibly grateful to have spent the afternoon with this group, and it's easy to see that they've got a world of love and support behind them. So, without further rambling, please enjoy Roman & Jenessa's stunning garden wedding at Belgo Wedding Chapel.