June 10, 2023

Penticton Japanese Gardens Wedding | Mishayla & Kaleb


May 27, 2023

Sometimes life just works out, you know? I recently started managing the kitchen at the Penticton coffee shop Wayne & Freda, which is where I met Mishayla. She's one of our amazing bakers, and makes a MEAN cupcake. I'm always super nosey when I hear someone is getting married, because there's nothing better than a big dress up party to celebrate love, so I always want ALL the details. We chatted for a bit and then to my surprise, she asked me if I would be her photographer. Abso-fucking-lutely.

The day was intimate and sweet. I started off the morning with Mishayla and her posse, getting her all dolled up. I've never experienced two people doing a brides makeup at the same time, but Mak and Rome worked seamlessly together. After donning the gown, it was time to go surprise the groom!

We did a quick first look before the ceremony started. Kaleb's reaction to seeing his bride was so sweet, and I'm glad we stole that little moment for the two of them before they walked hand in hand to say "I do.".

I love when couples can't keep their hands to themselves during a ceremony. There were impromptu hugs, and shoulder brushes, hand squeezes - all the good stuff. The ceremony was perfect, and started with a glorious thunder clap, but the rains stayed away.

After the ceremony and our portraits, the family was meeting for a quiet dinner downtown at Wild Ginger, which suits this couple to a T. Everything about the day was chill, filled with love, and easy - just like them.