September 16, 2022

Summerland Orchard Family Session

Summerland Family Photos

One of the greatest joys of what I do is being the first professional photoshoot for someone. This lovely family had never had a professional photo done before and naturally they were a little nervous. They very quickly found their comfort zone and absolutely nailed every moment of it. These kids were so easy going, and smiley, and so so sweet with one another.

Family orchard sessions always make me think of my own childhood. Growing up, my grandparents owned an orchard along the Naramata Bench and many days were spent roaming the rows with my little brother. Mind you, we were definitely not as sweet to each other as these kiddos, haha!

Family photos have always been an annual (and sometimes monthly!) event in my family. The need to document everyone comes from my grandmother, and I've always enjoyed looking back through the albums to see how we've all changed through the years. With cell phones it's now so easy to take those photos and then forget about them entirely - I'm guilty of it too. So it's extra special to be able to capture these special memories for families and know that they are going to look back on them in a few years and be able to enjoy seeing the growth and changes just like I do.